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Our Story

Grupo Pozuelo & PRO was founded in 1997 from the union between two companies, Café La Proveedora and Krakis SA.

The Brenes Ross´s family began processing and selling coffee 70 years ago at San José central market. They started roasting peanuts and giving them away as a gift for buying their coffee. That’s how the consumption of roasted peanuts began in our country.

In 1985 PRO was born as an abbreviation for Proveedora. Pro began selling salted , barbecue , caramelized and roasted peanuts.

In 1989 Pro acquired machinery to start with the business of cassava and plantain chips which was developed in 1997. Then they joined forces with the Pozuelo Family.

On the other hand the Pozuelo family had Chiswis and Toreaditos. Around 1950´s, Grupo Pozuelo was sold to a multinational, opening a way to start a new industry called Copoz (Pozuelo Company). Copoz products included Toreaditos, Chiswis, confites and Martians. The machinery was brought from Guatemala. Chiswis and Toreaditos became a traditional national product and 10 years later they started producing the traditional EMA cookie, it´s production began in Coronado manually and then move to the facilities in Santo Domingo de Heredia to start producing it industrially.

By the year 1975, the company was moved to the Uruca, next to the Riviana Pozuelo. Machinery for elaboration of pastry was bought. Products such as Gatico, Merendina and Arrollados became very popular around the country.

In the nineties, the plant was transferred to Lagunilla de Heredia so they could expand the production of cookies. The process of chiswis and toreados stayed in La Uruca.

In 1996 the company was sold to Grupo Nestle but the cookies and snacks stayed in the hands of the Pozuelo´s family.
It is here when the two companies merge to become Grupo Pozuelo & Pro.

In 2004, the current facilities are acquired in the industrial area in Ciudad Colón, expanding the productive capacity.

The company, has experience a significant growth over the years, and has become one of the top companies in the area of snacks. It also has manage to enter successfully international markets such as Central America, Caribbean, Europe and the United States.


Develop food products of quality and high nutritious value, oriented to the National and International market. To produce through the use and application of International process and rules that guarantee the safety of products, always ensuring the health and well-being of the costumers, taking care of the environment, the integral growth of our collaborators and the social and economic development of Costa Rica.


Be the Company leader on the National market of snacks, with successful export levels to Internationals markets, with solid financial and sustained growth, continuous improvements on the innovation process and products that guarantee the satisfaction and expectations of the costumers.

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